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Sometimes Your Small Dog Just Likes Strolling Along

When you have new puppies, small dogs (especially those with short legs) or older dogs it is more of a challenge to go out for a morning, evening or anytime walk.  Older dogs get tired quicker, puppies just can’t move well, and small dogs with short legs sometimes can’t handle the terrain or they tire faster.  The next time you’re walking your small pup just check out how many steps they take to your one, no wonder they get so tired.  A wonderful solution to this problem is the small dog stroller.  Now the great thing about the stroller is you have space to carry all those yummy snacks and water for your pooch as well as yourself.   On days where the weather maybe an issue there is usually plenty of room in most models to carry along the proper gear to make your stroll enjoyable.

Sometime ago we had an all terrain small dog stroller that would hold upwards of 60 lbs comfortably, I believe it was rated for 75 lbs.  The stroller had large tires with the treads similar to those on a mountain bike tire making it easy to traverse a woodsy trail of roots and or rocks.  It had a rain slicker, cup holders (for smooth ground only), excellent space for our pups with strong zippered mesh and nice sized storage area under the stroller compartment.  We purchased this small dog stroller because we liked to get out and walk with our little guys and our 14 year old Mini Doxie just couldn’t go far and he just had to go along with the others because we were family.  If we were going past an area with loose dogs we could quickly and easily load all 3 of our small ones in the stroller for safe keeping and avert any confrontations.

The wonderful thing is small dog strollers are so versatile, we’ve even used it to take items with us to the beach, and the large tires worked well in the sand.  Yes we had beaches for dogs after all it was California!  Anyway it is good to go to people beaches too, a smaller cooler, towels etc fit nicely.  Strollers come in many models to accommodate different sized pups and different uses.  Some are multi use such as a stroller/carrier/car seat which make them an especially great buy.  There are all terrain, jogging, light duty, heavier duty, pretty, practical and economical models to name a few.  So if you have a small or medium sized pooch, an older one, or you just like going further than your small dog can go you’ll love a small dog stroller.  There must be many more uses for your stroller, be creative and happy strolling.

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