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So Your Small Dog Loves to Ride!

Almost every dog loves to ride in a vehicle, but how safe is he in yours? Have you ever been driving down the road and seen dogs riding in the bed of a truck or hanging out a window with no visible means of restraint for their safety? Wow it drives me crazy to see that. Our dogs usually have some type of restraint to protect them from sudden stops, quick or sharp turns or heaven forbid an auto accident. We utilize several methods of pet restraint and one of the easiest is the small dog crate.

Now you would probably think it is a pain in the neck putting the crate in the car then pulling out again, well you are right it is!  We tried it for a while and our pups sure loved having their crates in the back seat, they made them feel secure.  After using the standard folding metal crates which they slept in, we came to the following conclusions:

The pros – we used the same crates as they slept in and it didn’t cost any extra money.

The cons – we always had to pack them from the house to the vehicle and back, some of the metal parts could snag or cut your seats/covers, and if your dog flew from the back of the crate to the front on a quick stop the metal mesh was hard and could injure your best friend.

Over a period of time we found the collapsible soft nylon type small dog crate, which we purchased and dedicated to only vehicle use. Additionally we can easily take them out of the vehicle for use at the park or in a friend’s back yard and have the added luxury of folding up nicely then fitting behind the back seats of our truck when not in use. We hold our small dog crates in place by moving the seats forward and/or back to wedge them snuggly between the seats; this has protected our pooches on more than one occasion during an unexpected stop. We’ve found these small dog crates to give during a sudden stop unlike the metal mesh type crates, thus protecting our pups from serious injury. Our family believes these crates ensure our little pals safety when traveling in any vehicle and the convenience and ease of use is well worth the expense of a second set of crates.

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