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Small Dog Harnesses

If you’ve got a small dog, then you’ll want a small dog harness. Small dogs have a tendency to pull and wiggle out of normal collars, which can expose them to a perilous situation if they’re near other dogs or moving traffic. Small dogs do not have strong necks and a regular collar can injure them as well. If you travel a little or a lot then you’ll want to see the harnesses designed especially for traveling. Cold weather coming, we have harnesses that are specifically designed to keep your dog warm.

Many dog trainers recommend using a harness during the training process. If a small dog harness is fitted and worn properly there virtually no possibility of the pup breaking free and you have more control over your pooch.

We have the right small dog harness for your dog.  Most small dog harnesses are available with coordinating collar and leash. All of our small dog harnesses are high quality and will fit your deserving dog comfortably. Most harnesses made of leather, nylon or fabric and comes in colors, stripes and patterns.

Choose From Our Small Dog Harnesses Below