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Small Dog Crates

You can use your small dog crate for containment, training, and transportation. Whether it is steel, water-resistant, collapsible, nylon, soft fabric or airline approved you will find the small dog crate that meets your needs. A crate is a safe way to transport your dog in your car. They may be attached by seatbelts like a child’s car seat is fastened into a car and protects against sudden stops. After your pooch has been properly trained, the crate is their safe haven and a place to get away from loud noises or the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The ideal size for your crate is longer than the length of the dog when it is down with paws extended and high enough to stand up comfortably in the crate without the top pressing on their head or shoulders. Most crates come in standard widths that will allow small dogs to really stretch out.

Several small dog crates even double as a small dog kennel. After transporting your dog to a place where he is not free to run a small dog kennel is a great addition for any small dog owner.

We offer a small dog crates and small dog kennels for smaller breeds of pets from Chihuahuas to Jack Russels. You can cozy up your small dog crate with a crate cover, blanket, bed set or pet pad.

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