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Small Dog Beds

Every small dog should have a small dog bedSmall dogs require little dog beds which are made specifically for their extra comfort and warmth. Your small dog would look silly on a dog bed designed for a Great Dane if he is a Mini Doxie. Having a designated little dog bed of their own can give your dog a sense of security and provide a place to go where they can feel safe. A small dog bed is an excellent way to cater to your precious small dog’s special needs and ensure that they are as happy and well rested as possible.

We offer a wide selection of small dog beds; orthopedic, cave/pocket type, bolster, travel, or donut type to name a few. You’re sure to find the perfect little dog bed for your pooch. From discount to designer, personalized to practical, there’s a dog bed for your best friend! Most of our small dog beds are machine washable and or the cover is easily removable for quick washes. Our little dog beds feature a variety of soothing fabrics including faux suede, synthetic sheepskin/fleece, micro terry and more, your pet will think these beds are heaven!

Make your little dog’s bed truly a part of your home with the perfect choice of fabric in color or print, style, material and size, you can’t go wrong!

Choose From Our Small Dog Beds Below