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How Much Does it Cost You to Keep Those Pesky Old Fleas Off Your Small Dog?

Over the years dog owners have fought the age old problem of fleas, on their dogs and in their small dog beds; especially in the summertime.  Fleas seem to bother smaller dogs more than the larger ones.  At first we used the usual flea dips, flea powders and collars.  Then the topical flea treatment came on the scene which worked wonderfully but could break any budget, especially if you had 3 or more pups.  For years we used the national brands at a cost of $50 to $70 a month for our 3 pooches or $600-840 a year!  I’m here to tell you sometimes it was hard in our younger years with a kid in college and all the normal day to day expenses to come up with the money.  Then over the last 5 to 7 years there have been breakthroughs in flea treatment and advent of members only warehouses entering the market.  Both have made the monthly flea treatment more manageable for just about any budget.  Costco saw the need and the profitability of carrying more pet products including topical flea treatments.  As a leader in personal brands they offer their own Kirkland brand with like or similar ingredients to the national brands.

One day earlier this year we were in Costco and low and behold they had the Kirkland brand of flea treatment for $20 and even better it included 6 topical vials.  Of course we were skeptical at first but it has worked well for about 80% less than the name brands.  Wow the price is better and it really works; now that’s a winning combination. The only noticeable difference was when we applied it to the 3 recommended spots ; the dog’s nape, mid back and the base of the tail it leaves a funny kind of look to the coat.  The look is similar to putting a very light gel in your hair and after 12 to 24 hours combed or brushed out to give a normal look.  So if you are looking for a good topical flea and tick treatment for your small pooch give Costco’s Kirkland brand a try.  It keeps our 3 small pups flea free and helps their small dog beds as well for only about $10 a month.

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